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Cut  Cost by 50%  for PEB having larger clear spans whereas such clear span structure is impossible in concrete structure.
PEB's construction errors can be easily modified on site even after erection unlike concrete structures.
Steel is fully recyclable material whereas concrete is still being looked for recycling.
A PEB requires less than half of the time needed to construct a concrete building of same size...  
PEBs erection costs low & requires less manpower & construction equipment compared to concrete buildings.  
PEB frames can be easily dismantled and transferred to another location with low additional expense.
Customers can save 50% time in the PEB project construction compared to a concrete building..
PEBs have high architectural flexibility allowing easy modification and expansions  in the future .
PEBs are made of steel, a homogenous material , works equally well in stress reversal  conditions in tension or compression


Fast Construction is engaged in design, manufacturing, supply and erection of  Pre Engineered Building/Pre Fab Building and aims to be ‘ the leader’ in its field by maintaining uncompromising  integrity , honesty,  excellence and constant improvements in its services

Established in 2006, we deliver pre-engineered buildings on turnkey basis. The organisation is based in Sahibabad adjoining New Delhi and is part of DELHI NCR which places us in a favorable position of market proximity.

Pre Engineered Buildings (PEBs) finds use in :

    • Industrial Applications,
    • Commercial and Retail Outlets,
    • Storage, Logistics,
    • Sports and Leisure.

The complete steel building comprises of outer shell with the main structure, wall , roof and accessories.

PEBs are also known as Metal Buildings ,Steel Buildings or Pre Fab Buildings.

Benefits of PEBs over conventional cement concrete buildings are:

    • Designed to meet each specific need
    • Max. flexibility for future business activity
    • Environmentally friendly solutions
    • Reliable and enduring
    • Clean lines , from small to large span , architectural freedom
    • Optimized natural lighting
    • Pleasant interior comfort
    • High thermal & acoustic performance
    • Low maintenance cost
    • Economical , fast and elegant designs with possibility of modifications

Our each and every project is evaluated on an individual basis to determine the most economical & efficient solutions