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Customers can save 50% time in the PEB project construction compared to a concrete building..
PEB's construction errors can be easily modified on site even after erection unlike concrete structures.
Cut  Cost by 50%  for PEB having larger clear spans whereas such clear span structure is impossible in concrete structure.
Steel is fully recyclable material whereas concrete is still being looked for recycling.
A PEB requires less than half of the time needed to construct a concrete building of same size...  
PEBs erection costs low & requires less manpower & construction equipment compared to concrete buildings.  
PEBs have high architectural flexibility allowing easy modification and expansions  in the future .
PEB frames can be easily dismantled and transferred to another location with low additional expense.
PEBs are made of steel, a homogenous material , works equally well in stress reversal  conditions in tension or compression

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We are the Manufacturers and Suppliers of Prefabricated Building.