High Quality Roofing & Cladding Systems

We are manufacturers of metal building systems in India, and the product range includes metal roofing and cladding systems. Fast Construction profiles are available in both ribbed and flat panels in a variety of finishes for attractive roofing and cladding for domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

High Quality Roofing & Cladding Systems

High Quality Roofing & Cladding Systems

Fast Construction profiles are available in the following materials:

  • 55% Al-Zn coated sheet with anti fingerprint coating (e.g. Galvalume®, Zincalume®, Aluzinc® etc.).
  • Pre-painted 55% Al-Zn and galvanized sheet, factory painted with polyester, silicon modified polyester (SMP) or fluorocarbon(PVDF) paint systems.

Base Steel
55% Al-Zinc coated steel (Galvalume®, Zincalume®, Aluzinc® etc.) offering high corrosion resistance. This alloy coating comprises of 55% Aluminium, 43.50% zinc & 1.5% Silicon which offers a superior barrier protection against coastal atmosphere condition. This coating class is AZ-150 as per AS : 1397 and ASTMA 792 which means 150 gms/sqm minimum coating mass total of both sides.
This coating offers almost 3 times service life to that of conventional galvanised steel coating

Yield Strength
Fast Construction profile is made from 550 MPa grade steel substrate and Fast Construction Klippon is made from 275-340 Mpa grade steel substrate.

Galvanised Steel

Fast Construction profiles are also available in galvanized sheet steel (hot dipped Zinc coated)over mild steel in a coating mass range of 120-275 gms/sqm as per IS 277 and in tensile strength of 240 Mpa.

Paint Finish
Pre-painted steel is produced on modern, high-speed coil painting lines where the steel surface preparation prior to painting, paint application & paint curing is done on a highly automated line under optimum conditions. Two layers of paint (special corrosion inhibitive primer & coloured top coat) are applied and oven cured in one pass alongwith a backer coat on the reverse side. The paint is flexible to withstand deformation, yet tough enough to resist damage during fabrication.

AS: 1397, IS: 513, IS: 277, ASTM A 792

Crimp Curve

Fast Construction profile is also available in concave & convex shapes to enhance building aesthetics.
Fast Construction Klippon
Fast Construction Klippon is stiffened trapezoidal profile with wide spanning capability. It is suitable for roofing application on very long roofs down to 2O pitch. Its bold profile and broad flat outline makes a strong and striking appearance.