Mezzanine Systems

Mezzanine Joist connection to Mezzanine Beam

Mezzanine Joist connection to Mezzanine Beam

The standard Fast Construction mezzanine framing system consists of a steel deck supported by joists framed on to main mezzanine beams.

If required by design loads, the main beams shall also be supported by intermediate columns. The top flange of the joists fits immediately below the top flange of the primary beams.

The economy of a mezzanine system is affected by the applied loads (dead, live and collateral) and mezzanine column spacing. Consult a Fast Construction representative for advice on the most economical mezzanine design.

Wherever possible, the primary mezzanine beams should run across the width of the building and be located under the main frame rafters. Joists should run parallel to the roof purlins along the length of the building.

Multi-level mezzanines, interior equipment platform, catwalks and staircases may also be accommodated if complete design data is available at time of quotation.